Meli M.

Remnant Investigations is the best! I needed some information last minute and Remnant Investigations got right on it. He was very prompt and professional. He responded quickly whether I phoned, emailed, or messaged. He is very experienced and knew just where to look. He exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone needing an investigator. 


Andrew S.

In July 2017, I hired Remnant Investigations to find my adult son (had no contact with him for several years) and to find his current whereabouts, location, and contact information. Remnant Investigations successfully located him, provided me great customer service, was very responsive to my inquiry, and gave me regular updates to keep me posted on the search. Highly satisfied and would definitely recommend this company for anyone in need of private investigation work.


Dean R.

Professional, ethical, and responsive! I have worked in the investigative field for nearly 30 years and John Temblador and Remnant is as good as it gets! In assisting me with a current investigation, John made sure he was in constant contact, making sure he provided whatever he could to get my project done. John's philosophy is also centered around making sure the client is happy so that they will come back. This is not a "make a quick" buck operation. Fair and kind....Remnant Investigations sets the standard! 


Mike B.

These guys are very ethical and come highly recommended! 


Bobby J.

Skilled, ethical investigator, with over 30 years experience.  Accurate, detailed results from my request delivered within hours. Multiple options for further inquiries.  Mr. Temblador's diverse investigative skills include Pinkerton Agency, Corrections Officer, and Protection Agent as well as military service. He is ethical, resourceful, professional.  Highly recommended.


James Q.

Remnant Investigations is one of the Top Choices in the Pacific Northwest for investigative services. John is committed to assisting his clients and bringing them accurate information in a timely manner. He is honest, trustworthy and fair and I highly recommend him.  


Tina H.

I worked with John Temblador at Remnant Investigations on a case. He was very professional and attentive to the case. He was openly communicative and handled all the details with expertise. I highly recommend Remnant and John if you are needing results. 


Tiffany L.  

Remnant Investigations is professional, quick, honest, experienced, reasonably priced... plus clearly a man of God. It gave me peace and great relief to work with John in my child support case. I can't thank him enough! 


Steve W.

I needed some help and reached out to Remnant Investigations.  I was very impressed by John's professionalism and results.  The work was on point, very detailed and delivered sooner than expected.  My interactions with John through email, phone and text were pleasant, quick and efficient with all being answered immediately.  I feel I received great value by engaging Remnant Investigations.


Arlene L.

Amazing and fast service!  I was able to obtain the information I requested and much more within a few day!  Very professional and trustworthy!  Highly recommended!"  

"I want to build a relationship of righteousness! When you need information to help your case, call me! YOUR Private Investigator!"   (John 3:16-17).  

I have worked with cases big and small, from Retired Chief of Police, Corporate Investigators, to locating persons for Child Support Cases, and obtaining public / open source records by law / statutes - permissible purposes. 

Call me today!  1-866-855-1156  (24hrs).  


1.  Asset Search:  Bank Accounts, Assets, Real Property Records - Investments.

2.  Employee Tenant Screening Background - FCRA Compliant.

3.  General Investigations on Individuals and Businesses.

4.  Skip Trace - Locate Persons / Info.  Comprehensive Person Report.  (Address, DOB, Family, Phone, etc. - Child Support, Court, Litigation, Permissible Purposes by Law / Statutes)

5.  *** [ NEW! ] ***  Social Media Web Capture (with Metadata Evidence Collection!)

6.  Certified Identity Theft Advisor (CIPA)

7.  Professional Services - God - Family - Country (John 3:16-17).

Service Guarantee!  *  All investigations performed with discretion.*  Affidavit - Due Diligence Search and Investigation. *

Open 24 Hours To Serve You!    


30+ Years Combined Military (Veteran), Armed Security, Law Enforcement (Retired), Close Protection Agent, Police Code Enforcement Volunteer, Civilian Volunteer Work, Certified Private Investigator (CPI), Certified Identity Protection Advisor (CIPA). (John 3:16-17)





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Information reported by Remnant Investigations, its third party database providers, and state - national licensed private investigators, are legally obtained from public sources and in compliance with federal guidelines and state laws.  


Assets - Banks - Investments searches in compliance with the provisions of the law, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

DPPA Applicable Records - (DMV) Vehicle Registration and Drivers License Record - (DMV). Searches in compliance with the provisions of the law, the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) 18 USC 2721 et.seq. (Public Law 103-322) 



Remnant Investigations receives information from sources based on criteria provided by the client. 

Information developed is for the exclusive use and interpretation of the client. 

Remnant Investigations relies on various proven and reliable third party sources, and state - national licensed private investigators,  for the information obtained, compiled and reported, and while we believe the information obtained to be reliable, Remnant Investigations cannot be held liable for the reporting of inaccurate information and Remnant Investigations assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of its subsequent application to the client. 

Information reported may be used as a valuable yet supplemental source of information in addition to regular methods of discovery




Email:  remnant.investigations@yahoo.com


24 HR MESSAGE CENTER  - FAX - TEXT:  1-866-855-1156




  (JOHN 3:16-17)